UCL and Africa Educational Trust Scholarship for Africans 2013/2014

Scholarship Name: UCL/ AET Undergraduate International Outreach Bursaries

Brief description

Full time Undergraduate Scholarship funding at University College London (UCL) UK in collaboration with Africa Educational Trust (AET) for African Students in 2013/2014

Accepted Subject Areas?

Any undergraduate course area offered at UCL


About Scholarship

University College London (UCL) and the Africa Educational Trust (AET) have agreed to collaborate in a scheme to enable students from Africa, who are financially unable to study in the UK, to pursue full-time undergraduate studies at UCL. With this scheme UCL supports the aims of AET to help the people of Africa. Under the scheme, two full bursaries are available annually for AET-nominated students who have accepted offers of places at UCL.

Scholarship Offered Since: Not SpecifiedAfrica Educational Trust

By what Criteria is Selection Made?

Scholarships are awarded on financial hardship and academic merit, based on the aims of the scholarship.

Who is qualified to apply?

Applicants must:

  • be a national of any African country (including Madagascar), currently living in an African country, and have one or both parents living in an African country, or are orphaned;
  • be currently attending school or have recently completed school in an African country;
  • have before or by January applied to UCAS for admission to a full-time undergraduate degree programme of study at UCL starting the following September, which they intend firmly to accept UCL (as the insurance offer choice does not satisfy the conditions of the bursary);
  • be liable to pay tuition fees at the rate applicable to Overseas students, as assessed by UCL;
  • lack the financial means necessary to pursue undergraduate degree studies at UCL.

How Many Scholarships are available? Two

What are the benefits?

Each bursary consists of full tuition fees and a maintenance allowance for the duration of the student’s programme of study, as well as economy air travel to/from the UK at the beginning and end of the bursary-holder’s degree programme. The maintenance allowance will normally rise each year in line with inflation but at the absolute discretion of UCL.

Annual renewal of the bursary is subject to good academic progress by the student.

How long will sponsorship last?

For the duration of the undergraduate programme, subject to academic performance

Eligible Countries

All African

To be taken at (country): University College London UK

What time of year does Application Close?

Application Deadline is 15 March 2013

 Offered annually? Yes

How can I Apply?

If you fulfill ALL the eligibility requirements, please email Ms May Omona at m.omona@africaeducationaltrust.org with details of your financial circumstances, your academic history, and proof that you have applied to UCAS for undergraduate admission to UCL.

For information about undergraduate admission to UCL, please see Here.

If you have not applied to UCAS for admission to study at UCL and cannot provide a valid UCAS application number, you need not apply for a bursary; your application is incomplete without a valid UCAS application number.

AET will provide eligible applicants with an electronic application form, which must be completed and submitted electronically to Ms May Omona at m.omona@africaeducationaltrust.org before the deadline.

How can I get more information?

If you need more Information about this scholarship, kindly visit the Scholarship Webpage


University College London (UCL) and the Africa Educational Trust (AET)

Important Notes:

AET will select 10 applicants from eligible applications received – with attention to the financial circumstances of the applicants. The 10 short-listed applicants will be contacted by AET in April (by email), and asked to write and submit a 500-word essay on a topic set each year by UCL. Shortlisted applicants will also be required to submit documentation as proof of the information provided in the application form.

Essays and supporting documentation to complete the application must reach AET by 15 April.

Successful applicants and reserve candidates can expect to be contacted by UCL in June/July.


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