How Wizkid snatched top musician’s girlfriend revealed

In an exclusive report from an insider sources just reaching us, has it that pop-rocking Nigerian born music star, Wizkid has crashed the relationship of his very senior colleague to his own advantage.

The girl in the middle of the love-fight is Omotani Omotayo, a final year student in the US. Wizkid already has a baby with a another babe but it was gathered that he’s madly in love with Omotani such that he’s ready to leave his baby mama for her. I hear the girl’s father is very rich.

HEY! Guess what? I think I have an idea of the top music artiste whom Wizkid snatched his girlfriend, Omotani from, but for now, let’s leave that for another day’s gossip. According to inside source, the guy is very angry but is keeping his ‘reaction’ to himself for now.The young talented artiste, Ayo Balogun, a.k.a Wizkid is busy enjoying the temporary good times with Omotani. According to another source, the young lovers are really in love; they even spent last Christmas holiday together. Can you beat that?


Wizkid girlfriend
wizkid girlfriend

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