Award winning saxophonist Mike Aremu has disclaimed recent speculations about him being a debtor.

As was earlier reported on this website, “Sources claim he’s been a perpetual debtor for quite a while now, as he has not been paying his estate dues, as he presently owes N34,000 at his estate which is a token for the an artiste of his caliber.” [SEE PHOTO BELOW]

Mike however broke the silence when he placed a call through to us. “I only heard about this on Wednesday and I’m very shocked at the whole mess this has caused. Without exagerration, I’ve received over 40 phone calls about this said article. Meanwhile I’ve been out of the country because of my show, trying to make the country proud, only to be getting such reports. Please I would appreciate you to bring down the post,” the skillful musician emphatically stated.

Mike Aremu is an award winning musician who is recognized home and abroad. He was bestowed with the ‘Innovative Saxophone Composer’ at the TOMA Awards (Today’s Gospel Music Awards) and also won an AMEN Award for ‘Best Instrumental Album of the Year’ and ‘Best Gospel Music Video of the Year’, a few years back; not to mention being nominated twice at the KORA Awards in 2003.


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