Meet HTC One:The best Android smartphone on the planet



The smartphone that changes everything is now available for purchase. The HTC One is unquestionably the best Android smartphone on the market right now, and it is available for purchase beginning Friday from both AT&T and Sprint. T-Mobile will then launch the sleek new smartphone next Wednesday. The HTC One release comes at a time when HTC absolutely needs a successful launch to help stop the bleeding. Unfortunately, the One has just over a week on store shelves at AT&T and Sprint before Samsung’s Galaxy S4 launches and draws away the spotlight.
BGR reviewed AT&T’s version of the HTC One earlier this month and called it the closest thing to a no-compromise smartphone the world has ever seen.
The phone is available now starting at $199.99 from both AT&T and Sprint. Beyond carrier stores, the phone can also be purchased in stores and online from Best Buy, RadioShack, Walmart, Target,, Costco, Car Toys, Sam’s Club, and


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