Lol. The things women let men get away with…in this case because of money. So here’s the drama that happened on Sunday between millionaire boxing champion Floyd Mayweather’s baby mama, Josie Harris (pictured left with Floyd) and his fiancee, Shantel Jackson (pictured right with Floyd).

Floyd’s ex-girlfriend and mother of three of his children Josie instagram’d a photo of herself in bed with Floyd on Mothers Day. Floyd’s fiancee Shantel saw the photo and guess what she did?

She retaliated by posting pictures of all the stuff Floyd bought her to keep her warm while he’s away sexing his ex#golddiggingthingz! Hehe. See the photos after the cut 


Josie posted this photo of herself and Floyd in bed. A few hours later, Shantel posted her luxury stash, including a department store size walk-in closet and over a 100 designer handbags.

Floyd is worth about $140 million so you understand why the women don’t mind sharing him. Meanwhile, Josie won this round. She’s the ex and she still gets to hit once in a while…lol.

Oh and by the way, Floyd Mayweather spent 3 months in jail on a domestic violence conviction after beating Josie in front of their children 


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