OAU GIST:Rotaract Club OAU Chapter Donates 21 PVC basket bins to Angola Hall


As part of their annual programme “MAKE THE CAMPUS CLEAN” the President Rot. Hassan Taofek, recently led other members of Rotaract Club to present a token gift of 21 PVC Basket Bins to Angola Hall. Members of the Club joined the CLEANERS in the Hall to wash the toilets as a show of “dignity in labour” and also to identify with the University Management for its commitment towards the general welfare of students in the Halls of Residence.


Rotaract Hassan who was once the Secretary of the Hall Executive Committee commended the University Authority for an improved supply of water to the Hall particularly the successful sinking of borehole in Angola Hall.  He praised the level of commitment of the Hall Management Team led by DR. OLUYEMI, E. A.


While receiving the gift from the President of Rotaract on behalf of the Hall, the Hall Warden, Mr. Femi Kuku thanked the Club Members and pointed out that it was not a surprise to the Hall Management to receive the  symbolic gift as it has always been the character of the leader of the Club, Rot Hassan to do positive things.  He recalled that during his tenure as the Secretary in the Hall Exco – one giant OX – standing fan and a projector were donated to the Hall by the 2010/2011  Executive. The Warden promised that the Cleaners will utilize the items donated judiciously in the Hall.  He implored members to continue to render selfless services to humanity.



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