Windows 8.1 Update Available June 26th And Its Free.


Since it was announced, Windows Blue has functioned like a carrot on a stick for Windows 8 users who have had complaints about the operating system. Well, that may very well be majority of the users, but Windows has never been a stranger to complaints anyway. It is quite expected then, that Microsoft quickly came up with an update that was supposed to address those concerns. Initially labelled Windows Blue, Microsoft has decided to launch the more appropriately named Windows 8.1 update in June this year.

There’s even better news. Windows 8.1 is going to be a free upgrade. Current Windows 8 users will be able to gain access to the upgrade from the home screen, that is, when Windows 8.1 launches. Don’t hold your breath for when that happens, though, as no details about the release date have been announced.

You might want to mark your calendar, specifically June 26, as this is going to be the date when a preview version is going to be made available to the public.

Considering that there has been so much noise about Windows Blue – in spite of the fact that all we had to go on were rumors – the news that Windows Blue is dead in the water should satisfy many an armchair critic. From bringing back the Start button (optional) to providing the capability to boot to the desktop – these rumored features have given pundits fodder.

Now we don’t know if these features are going to make it to the renamed Windows 8.1, but this move of Microsoft’s might just be a good thing for the much maligned operating system.


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