6 Reasons to Break Up with Your High-maintenance Girl

Here are some traits in a girl who you should avoid:

1. Hates dining at restaurants which are not upscale: If the posh restaurant is what tickles her appetite she isn’t crazy about the food, but the price tag that it comes with.

2. Ridicules people who don’t wear branded stuff: If she refuses to hang out with anyone who buys at least something by the roadside, this girl can burn a hole in your wallet…in fact she may set it on fire.

3. Won’t buy anything that is not expensive: If she goes to a store and only puts the most expensive things in her shopping bag, you need to watch out. She could easily trade you for the next richest guy on the social circuit.

4. Carries a suitcase for an overnight trip: And if those overnight suitcases are branded then you need to hitch a ride out of that relationship immediately. If she can’t do without changing her clothes every two hours then this girl is definitely going to make you pay for the expensive makeovers.

5. Refuses to go camping: If she falls ill every time you make plans to go out camping she definitely isn’t going to be by your side if the tide gets rough.

6. Takes 45 minutes to get ready to go to the supermarket: Women do take time when they have to step out, but she can’t keep you waiting for 45 minutes for a trip to the supermarket. This high-maintenance girl will not be spotted without her finery at any point of the day.

Source: Ynaija


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