Mr Shama threatens to release s*x video of Femi Fani Kayode’s wife and daughters

Mr.Shama who was the former best friend of Chief Femi Fani-Kayode Has Threathend To Release s*x tapes involving his wife and daughter.Read more below…“Now that Femi has chosen to be buried with the housefly, I’m very prepared now to upload several of his wife and daughters s*x videos and pictures in the internet. Apologies to those my actions might offend.

More to come, how one Olayemi Akintomide ( today’s Mrs. Yemi Ajakaye) was under Femi’s rough s*xual and oral s*xual punishment for years all in the name work with Skye bank plc.Hell is about to get loose.

For those who believed they have gun, its time to shoot Shama. For those who believed they have bomb, it time to destroy Shama. For those who believed they have the Judges in their pocket and have big wide mouth, its time to talk non- stop.


We shall see who will be silent soon. Its action time! Loquacious lips shall soon loose strength to lift or to open.
Relax for this free sweet porn entertainment staring; Regina Femi Fani Kayode as the main Actress. Those begging me not to, sorry I just lost my patience. OBJ never denied banging his son’s wife, definitely he will not deny banging Femi’s wife Regina and his daughters. Those who banged must tell. I am not only telling mine. I will be showing some of our banging videos and others


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