My ménstruál Pad And Underwears Went Missing -Wife Seeks Divorce Because Her Husband Is Diabolical


A house wife, Iyabo Odewumi, on Tuesday asked an Osogbo Customary Court to dissolve her 10-year-old marriage because her husband was diabolical and was using diabolical means to build their house.

According to her, her ménstruál pads and underwear disappeared and she traced the development to her husband, Ojowhom, whom she alleged, was using them for ritual purposes.

She said, “I noticed that my ménstruál pads had been missing as well as my brá and pants. When I complained to my husband, he said nothing, but later promised to buy me new pants and brá. My husband has been behaving in a mysterious way in the last few months and I see this as a threat to my life and that of my children.”

She also said that she was tired of the marriage.

However, the husband denied the allegations, saying his wife was only looking for flimsy excuses to abandon the marriage.

The President of the court, Agboola Temilade, advised the couple to find means of resolving their dispute rather than dissolving the marriage and adjourned the case to November 5, for judgment.


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