List Of Top Ten Fastest Footballers In The World


FIFA just released the much awaited list of the fastest footballers in the world. Topping the list is a Manchester United player whom people might not agree with.

FIFA determined this based on the highest recorded speed of a player in a game whilst in possession of the ball. Well with a speed of 35.1 km/h, Valencia beat the likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Franck Ribery and co. See list below:


Top ten fastest footballers:

1) Antonio Valencia – 35.1 km/h
2) Gareth Bale – 34.7 km/h
3) Aaron Lennon – 33.8 km/h
4) Cristiano Ronaldo – 33.6 km/h
5) Theo Walcott – 32.7 km/h
6) Lionel Messi – 32.5 km/h
7) Wayne Rooney – 31.2 km/h
8) Franck Ribery – 30.7 km/h
9) Arjen Robben – 30.4 km/h
10) Alexis Sanchez – 30.1 km/h

Do you agree with the list?Drop your comments in the box.


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