The real identity of Med student who auctioned her virginity and why she backed out after a $801,000 bid


A few months back, 27 year old medical student ” Elizabeth Raine” aka”The Virgin Whore” auctioned her virginity for$550,000 (N80 Million naira ) .She got a $801,000(N129m) bid but suddenly claimed she wasn’t interested in auctioning her virginity again.Her real identity has been uncovered as Hanna Kern, a high-achieving college graduate.

According to Mailonline ,despite her claims to have abandoned the auction to concentrate on her schooling, Hanna hardly received any genuine offers for her virginity.In fact the, ‘winning’ bidder refused to go through any kind of vetting process and completely disappeared after he pledged to come up with the cash.

A source close to Hanna said:

‘This auction didn’t work, plain and simple. Hanna had to face the fact that maybe her virginity wasn’t worth as much as she thought it was.’

Furious professors at her college, the University of Washington, found out about the auction and hauled her in to explain herself.

They have agreed to allow her to take crucial qualifying exams next Friday, but she will have to go in for talks next month.At that point they will let her know what disciplinary action she will face for sullying the name of the prestigious university.

They have already told her that her ‘immoral’ behavior has put her future career in the medical profession in serious jeopardy.

Since abandoning the auction, Utah-born Hanna, has been keeping a low profile in her shared apartment in the north of Seattle.On Friday fellow students on campus said they recognized Hanna as the girl in the racy pictures posted on her blog site, but were in disbelief that that the ‘shy’ pupil would take part in such a scandalous enterprise.

One male undergraduate said:

‘I am absolutely amazed. I saw the story online and straight away I said it looks like Hanna, but I couldn’t believe it was actually her.She’s a really quiet, shy girl and this seems so out of character.’

And after examining Hanna’s personality it seems she had been living a double live. Her fellow students knew her as a shy, studious pupil and the rest of the world knew her alter-ego, the opinionated and provocative Virgin Whore, Elizabeth Raine.

In a string of forthright blog boasts, Raine initially explained how she was selling her virginity for the money. But in recent days, her tone changed and became far more political.

‘It is no longer about the money.Instead, very broadly, it is about how society continues to exercise control over female sexuality by chaining it tightly to female morality.

Her father Allan Kern is a successful business man and works as the Principal Consultant for the oil and gas firm he founded, work in the oil industry took the family to Saudi Arabia about 20 years ago.Hanna suffered a personal tragedy at the age of ten, when her mother died in a plane crash near Delhi, India, in 1996. At the time it was the third-worst disaster in aviation history, claiming the lives of 349 people.


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