Victim’s Father Says Chibok Teachers Locked Up Girls And Ran Away


The story of missing Chibok girls abducted almost a month ago by Boko Haram members takes a new turn as the escaped victim’s father reveals new shocking details of the kidnap.

Speaking with Thisday and Arise TV Networks, whose correspondents came to Chibok on Sunday, Godiya Simon’s father narrated.

The man, who was not in Chibok on the fateful day, said he called his daughter as soon as the gunmen attacked the town, and the girl told her father that the school was not under attack at that time. She explained that she was in the hostel, when the worried father heard that attackers already started burning houses.

Disclosing their phone talk the father said that according to Godiya there were neither soldiers, nor police at the premises.

“I asked, ‘Are you together with soldiers?’ She said no, and I asked about the police, and she said they were not with them, but that they were safe in the school.”

However, when Simon realized that not a single elderly person to guard the girls was there, he told his daughter to run away.

“When the sound of gunshots started in the town, the teachers were still with them but they later took to their heels, locked them in and ran away… There are teachers’ quarters within the school premises where some teachers hid at the time of the attack. She even told me that the teachers instructed them to stay put and not to run; then one of the teachers locked the gate so there was no way for them to escape.”

Soon the insurgents wearing military uniforms and pretending to be soldiers came after the school girls and instructed the children to follow them in order to be safe. They were also ordered to bring their mobile phones.

Godiya’s father could no longer contact his daughter and the next day the dire news about the abduction surfaced.

Still, Godiya was among few girls, who managed to escape from Sambisa forest hideout. According to her, several girls asked for permission to have a bathroom break and used this chance to run away.

Recalling her experience in the hands of the abductors, she also said that the men threatened to kill them and didn’t give them enough


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