See The Revealing Message Beyonce Posted After The Fight Between Her Sister And Jay Z


Maybe Beyonce did take sides with her husband but not in the glare of the cameras.She is that classy.

A day after the fight, Beyonce posted a prayer on Instagram and many were shocked because it was unusual of her(atleast on Instagram)…

Then as confirmed by E !Solange has deleted all photos of Beyonce leaving just one which she took with a friend..

This shows Beyonce may have chastised her off camera. Remember, the bodyguard was there and could one day write a tell all book,so Beyonce may have decided not to compromise her Multi-million dollar brand over her an elevator scuffle.Besides that brand was partly built by Jay Z.Beyonce has established herself as a queen..Queens don’t fight lol..see her response below

It has also emerged that before the scuffle with Jay Z, Solange exchanged words with Kim’s best friend Racheal Roy at the Met gala and she was reportedly acting up that night.This is adding fuel to reports that she has bi-polar disorder and is prone to sudden rage and anger .

Checkout Beyonce’s prayer below



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