Why Do Humans Have Menopause?

according to thechroniclesofrenard

Hank Green

The human body is full of mysteries, but we can start to solve those mysteries with help from science and the bodies of grandma whales.
Hank Green of the SciShow discusses this most interesting topic. see video after cut

Do have a look at the video. Continue reading “Why Do Humans Have Menopause?”


Secrets; How to Rent a House: 5 Important Questions To Ask

How to Rent a House: 5 Important Questions To Ask

Most often than not, the decision to move houses hinges on the need for a change in lifestyle, a change of job  or an increase in income or family unit (marriage or child bearing). No matter the case with you, your greatest concern while house-hunting is to find the one that ticks all your boxes. Truly, there’s no harm in being finicky, you just need to be strategic with your hunt.

On being strategic, it is beneficial to ask yourself these honest questions. Continue reading “Secrets; How to Rent a House: 5 Important Questions To Ask”

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