Our “Father of all bombs” is badder than your “Mother of all bombs” – Russia tells US

Recently, the United States launched it’s non-nuclear Mother of all Bombs against ISIS targets in Afghanistan. Now, the Russian military has come out to say it’s own ‘Father of all Bombs’ is the most powerful thermobaric bomb of its kind, four times more powerful than the American “mother of all bombs,” the largest non-nuclear bomb in the US arsenal and the largest non-nuclear bomb the United States has ever used in combat.

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Bomb factory destroyed in Kano



Seven suspected Boko Haram insurgents were yesterday arrested by the Joint Task Force (JTF) in Kano.

The troops also destroyed two bomb-making factories in Farawa and Sheka quarters, where dangerous weapons were intercepted, in the state capital. Continue reading “Bomb factory destroyed in Kano”

Breaking News:Multiple blasts in Kano

There are reports of multiple bomb blasts in Kano. Explosions were heard in Airtel Offices in Mallam Kato square this morning. A suicide bomber drove a wired car of explosives into the Airtel Offices.

There was a second explosion at MTN phone switch center at Mai Mailari Area of Kano Metropolis just few kilometers away.
Casualities couldn’t be ascertain as at the time of filing this report