This Nigerian Couple Celebrate 53rd Wedding Anniversary With Lovely Viral Photo – Family –

In times when failed marriages seem to be the order of the day seeing a photo like this is refreshing.

According to the photographer, @olerephotography, they have been married for 53 years



8 Séx Scandals Involving Entertainers And Celebrities In Nigeria

entertainers and celebrities are always in the public eye, even as the media are watching their every move.

The spotlight is beamed on them, so rumours or news of aberrations in their private lives are often sensationalised and blown out of proportion, especially when sex is involved, it threatens the victim’s career and everything around them, including their families, friends and colleagues.

Whether it’s in the form of alleged sex tapes, rumoured infidelity or rumoured extra-marital affairs, the Nigerian entertainment industry has had its fair share of sex scandals.

Wizkid’s alleged séx tape


With the release of his debut album, ‘Star Boy’ in 2011, a star was born. The singles off the album were chart-toppers and radio hits, which had the singer raking in shows by the hour.

Meanwhile, fame had its price, on the road to fame, he waddled through a pool of infamy, including a sex tape scandal that almost obliterated his budding career.

Few months after he was falsely reported to have been arrested in Scotland with drugs, a sex tape appeared on the internet.

The sex tape, which went viral, showed a Wizkid look alike in a sexual act with an older white woman.

The Ogun State born singer later denied being in the video. ‘I think you are either blind or stupid if you ask me about the tape,’ he wrote on Twitter.

Wizkid also released a song titled ‘It wasn’t me’ to clear up all the rumours about him.

From his relationship with Banky W, the drug rumours and of course the sex tape scandal, in the ‘No church in the wild’ by Kanye West and Jay Z cover, the singer rapped: ‘Them say I was caught hands down in a video, them dey run their mouth everyday like radio; nor be me dey the video, (It wasn’t me) dem just put me for gbege na bad man way, only jah go judge their ways.’

The song also featured former EME label mate Skales, but years later, all seems to have been forgotten and this scandal never had an adverse effect on his career.

Mo’cheedah and Eldee’s Twitter nude drama…

Image Image Image

This came like a thief in the night, because the deed was done in the dead of the night, but by morning it blew up, threatening the career of then princess of hiphop, Modupe Oreoluwa Oyeyemi, popularly known as Mo’cheddah, and the home of married music veteran Lanre Dabiri A.K.A Eldee the Don.

In the early hours of Monday, October 3, 2011, a funny conversation between Mo’cheedah’s Twitter account and that of Eldee’s occurred.

‘If people here with us see it, just say one of the guys also in the hotel posted it to you,’ tweet from Eldee’s Twitter handle to Mo’cheedah, read.

What followed after was shocking: a nude picture of a Mo’cheedah look alike was posted by her Twitter account to Eldee’s handle.

It sparked up a whirlwind of controversy the next morning as it became a trending topic on social media and the entertainment blogsphere. Was Eldee having an extra-marital affair with Mo’cheedah? Why was she sending him nude photos? Who hacked their accounts? The questions came from everywhere.

It was alleged that those tweets were intended for the secrecy of the Direct Message feature on Twitter, only for it to leak to the public eye.

The two stars denied these allegations, insisting there were hacked. ‘Pls tweeps my acct has been hacked. Disregard my tweets, I’m working on securing my acct. And of cos that is not me!,‘ Mo’cheedah later wrote on Twitter. ‘Someone is fucking around with my account!! If I fuckin catch you!!!,’ an obviously furious Eldee also wrote on Twitter.

Mo’cheedah went quiet musically after this scandal, but just made a comeback last week with an impressive single which featured reigning rapper Phyno. Keep your Twitter password safe, Mo! Please…

9ice, Toni Payne and Ruggedman’s rumoured love triangle…


This started with just a song. After separating from his wife of almost two years in 2010, 9ice, in a song titled ‘Once bitten twice shy’ (the ninth track off his album ’Tradition’), sang about catching his lover giving his friend ‘nodding’ a term often used for oral sex.

This brought about media frenzy and another sex scandal in the Nigerian entertainment industry that can never be forgotten in a hurry.

A deluge of allegations and rumours followed. Ruggedman was featured in the drama, with many alleging that he was the friend mentioned in the song.

Those familiar with the situation continue to allege that Ruggedman had an on-off affair with Payne before and during her relationship with 9ice.

Ruggedman and Payne have since insisted it was false. Though this particular scandal has been forgotten, the true story about the song by 9ice is yet to be known.

Frustrated with the negative publicity which the scandal brought upon her, Toni Payne, via a Facebook post on Tuesday, April 20, 2010, pleaded with 9ice to come out with the truth about his song.

The plea was supported by Ruggedman. ‘#justsayin #FEDup A song I heard n loved months b4 it came out is causin sme minor issues so I will address dis issue by simply stating that its not my job to clear d air but I also think its time the person who sang the song ‘once bitten’ comes out and tells the truth to every1 and let us no who he sang it for,’ Toni Payne wrote on her Facebook wall.

‘TONI PAYNE My advice to you is you get 9ice to step up and clear this thing about this song once and for all so all this bullshit can stop. HE SANG THE SONG,ONLY HE CAN SAY WHO HE WAS TALKING ABOUT IN THE SONG. SO 9ICE WHERE ARE YOU?’ Ruggedman added. Four years later, 9ice where are you?…

Wizkid’s baby mama drama


Wizkid‘s numerous shenanigans since he hit stardom ensure that he makes a second appearance on this list.

In August 2011, the EME pop star Wizkid had fathered his first child at 21.

The singer had impregnated a certain Shola who was an undergraduate at the time.

Wizkid, who was rumoured to be dating Tonto Dikeh back then, vehemently denied the fatherhood claims.

‘No, I don’t. It’s just a rumour, I’m not thinking about that right now,’ Wizkid denied having a child.

The reports, however, shattered many hearts with many fearing that their darling young and enchanting singer had fallen into the hazardous circus of the entertainment industry.

Meanwhile, to his fans and the public, he had lost the good boy image which initially made him a child star.

The star boy in 2014, is no longer that fresh faced young singer we saw in 2010. He is now a record label owner and ladies’ man, who lives up to being a father. Continue reading “8 Séx Scandals Involving Entertainers And Celebrities In Nigeria”

SECRETS: How To Attract A Lady


It takes 13 milliseconds to determine if you find someone attractive, which really works both to your advantage and disadvantage. Of course it’s easier when you’re at a party to determine the girl you want to spend your time chatting up. But it also means women are judging you in less than 1 split second. So what can you do to make sure you’re looking good during that critical first impression?

9. Smile Slower: As a general rule, smiling makes you more attractive when you’re looking directly at someone. So when you’re facing someone, smile. However, while happiness is one of the most attractive female emotion expression, it’s one of the least attractive in males. In contrast, pride is showed to be the most attractive male expression, and one of the least attractive in women. Want to improve your smile? Smile slower. It’s proven to be perceived as more authentic.

8. Act Confident: Guys, you need to move right, keep cool (women find low-stress men much more attractive since it signifies the ability to be calm in times of crisis) and be confident (contrary to what you may think, being humble actually makes you seem less confident and more weak).

7. Emphasise Your Height: You don’t have much to worry about if you’re tall!

6. Keep Your Voice Deep: Deep and dominant. Not only is it more attractive to women, but it’s also a strong predictor of the number of sexual partners you’ve had. Also of note, men are subconsciously more attracted to women with more feminine voices (perceived as more flirtatious). Don’t let that sweet voice get your brain all mixed up now… Continue reading “SECRETS: How To Attract A Lady”

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Well here are 5 ways to know when she’s feeling your vibes.

She makes eye contact: If you haven’t met yet but catch her looking at you then glancing away, then checking back to see if you’re still looking at her … this is a sign, gentlemen! Just make sure she’s actually staring at you Continue reading “5 Ways To Know If A Woman Likes You”

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Last week, we learnt about the mistakes men make during sëx. Here are the mistakes women make during sëx.

1) Don’t Fake It its no secret we love women who have orgasms but faking it to please us only robs you of the pleasure you deserve and we want you to have. Besides, if we think we are doing it right, it only makes us repeat the same style that achieved the fictitious result, and only takes you further away from actually having orgasms with us. What a shame. If it is our first time together, let us get off to an honest beginning. If you do not have an orgasm, and he asks if you did, be honest and tell him the truth. The more you like the man, the more honest you need to be with him. Continue reading “Mistakes Women Make During Sëx”

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Aparecido Castaldo, a retired stone cutter from Jundiai, Brazil has decided to marry his beloved Carmella, a goat. Because no Christian minister would agree to perform the marriage ceremony, the two will be wed by a known satanic leader, in the Church of the Devil.

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