Twitter to roll out ‘mute’ feature


You know that friend who has an opinion or a joke about everything? Sure, they’re entertaining, but sometimes you wish you could get them to shut up.

Now on Twitter, you can.

Twitter is rolling out a “mute” feature that will let you silence certain users in your feed. Once you’ve muted them, their tweets and retweets will no longer be visible in your timeline, and you won’t receive their push or SMS notifications, although @ replies and mentions will still appear. Continue reading “Twitter to roll out ‘mute’ feature”

See The Revealing Message Beyonce Posted After The Fight Between Her Sister And Jay Z


Maybe Beyonce did take sides with her husband but not in the glare of the cameras.She is that classy.

A day after the fight, Beyonce posted a prayer on Instagram and many were shocked because it was unusual of her(atleast on Instagram)…

Then as confirmed by E !Solange has deleted all photos of Beyonce leaving just one which she took with a friend..

This shows Beyonce may have chastised her off camera. Remember, the bodyguard was there and could one day write a tell all book,so Beyonce may have decided not to compromise her Multi-million dollar brand over her an elevator scuffle.Besides that brand was partly built by Jay Z.Beyonce has established herself as a queen..Queens don’t fight lol..see her response below Continue reading “See The Revealing Message Beyonce Posted After The Fight Between Her Sister And Jay Z”

Twitter introduces an alert system for emergencies and disasters

Twitter alert


Twitter, which is preparing for its initial public offering, said on Wednesday it will help users receive special alerts from government agencies and aid agencies during emergencies.

Users who sign up will receive smartphone notifications via the Twitter app as well as SMS text messages – assuming they agree to handover their cell phone numbers – from any of several dozen agencies who have signed on to the program.

The U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency, Tokyo’s Disaster Prevention service and the World Health Organization are among those participating. Continue reading “Twitter introduces an alert system for emergencies and disasters”

Mario Balotelli Joins Twitter

Mario Balotelli Joins TwitterAC Milan striker Mario Balotelli has decided to join Twitter at last, the club have confirmed.

After years of “parody” accounts mocking the former Manchester City star’s eccentric lifestyle and personality, the Italy international has officially created an account on the social networking site under the username ‘@finallymario’.

“How do I use this?” the striker asked, before tweeting: “don’t belive [sic] anything u read unless is coming from me guys ok?”

The 22-year-old also drew a response from fellow superstar Neymar, who tweeted by way of greeting: “Brother, Twitter is crazy!”

Balotelli joined Milan in January and has scored 11 goals in 12 games in his four months in Serie A since departing the Etihad Stadium.